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Subject: Help fpr some Website customization

I’d like to change some pieces for the design of the “website” application. The point is I could find a way to do this via “public” customization offered by the application (the parameters and templates explained in Bob’s book), and I cannot find the appropriate temple to “touch” in the many style-sheets included in the distribution. Following are some of the customizationa I’d like to achieve:


1)       I’d like to be able to change the configuration of the webpage footer. For example,

a.       The “next” and “prev” links appears in the far bottom line and I prefer to have them in the first line of the footer (and also be able to change the text and properties of these links).

b.       The “copyright” sub-section of the footer gets an extra level (<span class="footcopy"><span class="copyright">… </span></span>) producing a spurious “extra line” in that part of the footer (and producing the “next and “prev” links going deeper down to the page).

2)       I’d like to have the “navigation header” not only in the “home” (root) page of the website, but on all those “normal” pages I’d like.

3)       I’d like to introduce an “up” navigation link either in the footer (together with “next” and “prev”) or in the “navigation header”.

4)       I’d like to add some new behaviour to some block elements via “@role” attribute. For example, being able to define a “floating <sidebar>” and defining the floating features of the sidebar via CSS.

5)       I’d like to change the style of some <title> elements. In this case, an ease solution would be also to be able to assign a specific “@class” attribute to <title> and work out the result via CSS.


Sorry for pestering you, but any help would be appreciated.





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