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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Chapter titlepage and orientation

Hi Thomas
The attached customization file should help with the title problem 
(it also does other things)  This will give book title on even pages 
and chapter/section titles on odd pages in the header.  The page 
number alternates in the footer to be at the outside of a page.
The customization is for the namespace aware xsl stylesheet 1.73.2. 
You might need to alter the initial lines and remove "d:" wherever it 
occurs if you are using Docbook 4.x

>Also, what is the easiest process to set page orientation for headers?
>Where do I customize this? I would like a table int he header with
>alternating positions for title and page number. Or is possible via a
>Thomas R. Jones

Ron Catterall, Phd, DSc			       	email: ron@catterall.net
Prolongacion de Hidalgo 140				http://catterall.net/
San Felipe del Agua					tel: +52 951 520 1821
Oaxaca      68020	Mexico				fax: +1 530 348 8309


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