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Subject: Troubles rendering CALS tables in HTML

I just found that the following attributes in <table> doesn’t get any affect in the final HMLT presentation:


<table frame="topbot" colsep="1" rowsep="0" border="dashed">


1)      (frame): only [ “none” | “all”] have any effect. Any other value produces the same effect as “all”.

2)       The other 3 has no effect at all. For (colsep) and (rowsep) I’ve tried using them on individual <row> and <entry> elements without any success.

On the other hand:


-         I’ve been using this document for the “website” application, but I don’t think that makes any difference.

-          In my customization layer I have already set:  (… and the extensions  JAR is working!!)


            <xsl:param name="use.extensions">1</xsl:param>      

<xsl:param name="tablecolumns.extension">1</xsl:param>


      -   I have also tried using the following parameters, but it doesn’t help:


            <xsl:param name="table.border.with.css">1</xsl:param>

            <xsl:param name="table.border.style">dashed</xsl:param>

            <xsl:param name="table.cell.border.style">dashed</xsl:param>


Finally: Is there any way for setting a specific (class) attribute or <div> element in the resulting HTML table I order to control the style via CSS??




-         Windows XP.

-          Saxon 6.5.5

-          DocBook XSL 1.73.2


Thank you very much.



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