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Subject: Update on roundtrip: wordml to docbook

Hi there,

  I posted a while back a couples of issues with roundtrip doing a
wordml to docbook conversion. Ref:


  Steve Ball mentioned he is working on the 'next gen' of roundtrip.
Is there any update on that work ? BTW is it going to move to XSLT 2.0
(simple curiosity) ?

  As a side note is there anyone else trying to convert a 'human
written' document into a 'machine' readable document ? I have done
very little progress for extracting some info (mostly





  Should I give up on docbook and switch to ODF (micro$oft has now a
full converter from doc to odf) ? Are there more tools digesting ODF
than docbook ?

Thanks for comments,

Ref: original word document can be found here:


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