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Subject: ulink in oXygen - 2 newbie-ish questions

Hi people

I got oXygen 8.2 earlier this year, and I've been writing some articles 
in DocBook and then converting them to HTML.

Couple of questions:

1.  When I use <ulink url="whatever">link text</ulink>, the transform 
does succeed, and the resulting HTML contains the link as I'd 
expected/intended.  But nevertheless, oXygen gives me one of its little 
red warning bars at the side of the editing window, and complains:

=== quote from oXygen ===
E [oNVDL] unknown element "ulink" from namespace 
=== end quote ===

I was under the impression that <ulink> was ordinary allowable DocBook - 
so is this error message just an oXygen bug, or is there something I 
don't know?

2.  I'd like to use a title attribute in my HTML links
(like: <a href="whateveraddress" title="additional explainy bit">link 

Is there an easy way to place that title info into the DocBook file?

Thanks for any clues


New blog:  www.uncharted-worlds.org/blog/

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