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Subject: Processing title in revhistory?


what is the expected processing of a revhistory element that contains a title?

According to (my understanding of) TDG5, a revhistory can have a title
either as standalone or inside an info element. In my DocBook 5.0
namespaced document, the following construct:

  <title>Change history</title>
    <revdescription><para>Created initial version.</para></revdescription>

makes the DocBook XSL-NS stylesheets v1.73.2 emit the error message
"title encountered in revhistory, but no template matches." and also
generate invalid XSL-FO, so that the FO validation complains:

[error] Element 'fo:block' cannot be a child of 'fo:table-body'. Only
'table-row', 'table-cell', 'marker' and change bar elements are
permitted in this context.

The offending construct in the resulting XSL-FO file looks like this:

<fo:table-body start-indent="0pt" end-indent="0pt">
    <fo:table-cell number-columns-spanned="3">
      <fo:block>Revision History</fo:block>
  <fo:block color="red">&lt;title&gt;Change history&lt;/title&gt;</fo:block>
      <fo:block>Revision 0.1</fo:block>
  <!-- etc. -->

Conceptually, shouldn't a title element as a child of revhistory
override the generation of the default table cell content that says
"Revision history"?

Changing the DocBook source to read:

    <title>Change history</title>
  <!-- etc. -->

gets rid of the error message from the stylesheets, but there is no
positive effect in the result.

Would it be a good idea to have a template for revhistory/title in the
stylesheet? If so, what should it generate? Maybe put the whole
revhistory inside an fo:table-and-caption element, and then emit an
fo:table-caption element for the title?

This time I checked the bugs :) and also the features, but didn't find
anything relevant.


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