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Subject: DocBook -> Wiki


I'm thinking of putting together some DocBook -> Wiki XSL  
stylesheets.  This is to attempt to solve the problemm (other  
suggestions gratefully received) of handling simultaneous multiple  
reviewers of a DocBook document.

The idea is that, having put together the Admin Guide for a release  
of our software, the author publishes it on our internal Wiki before  
handing it to our Release Engineering team for testing.  As the RE  
team discovers bugs in the documentation, they can alter/annotate it  
on the Wiki, where their changes will be immediately visible to the  
rest of Release Engineering, and to the original author.

Using the Wiki's change control tracking, the document author will be  
able to see the comments and changes made by the Release Engineering  
team, and then selectively (and manually) roll them back into the  
original DocBook - I'm not trying to roundtrip the document via the  
Wiki and back again, as I know that the conversion will be lossy.

Has anyone else attempted this?  Does it sound useful?

I'd also appreciate some guidance as to how I should start - should I  
take an existing (e.g. HTML) set of stylesheets, or just write my own  
from scratch?  I've done a lot of customisation of the HTML and XSL- 
FO stylesheets, so I have a pretty good idea what's involved either way.


Geraint North
Principal Engineer

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