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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook -> Wiki

Thanks for that - I'd just started investigating the DocBook -> HTML - 
 > Wiki route, and that seems to work well.  In particular, the   
HTML::WikiConverter perl module seems to do pretty much what I want,  
although it leaves a lot of FONT and DIV tag hanging around that  
screw up the Wiki unless I strip them out.

I shall persevere and let you know how I do - I'm specifically  
targetting MediaWiki at the moment.


Geraint North
Principal Engineer

On 15 Oct 2007, at 14:38, David Cramer wrote:

> Your wiki engine may already have html2wiki scripts. If so, you could
> convert the docbook to html and then convert that to wiki markup. You
> could customize tweak docbook2html xsls and/or the html2wiki  
> scripts as
> needed to improve the results. I'm sure you'll have to do something
> special to deal with images for example.
> The idea is appealing and I've wondered about the possiblity  
> myself, but
> one thing to consider is that your reviewers won't be looking at the
> format you actually ship to customers.  So you would miss an  
> opportunity
> for them to find formatting issues or things that are unclear due to
> some aspect of the presentation. We deliver html and pdf formats, but
> our html formats are more popular/get more use. For reviews, we  
> publish
> to an eclipse infocenter and include feedback links in the header. The
> feedback links contain some javascript that prepopulates the email
> message with the document title, section title, url, and date/time the
> document was generated. As we receive feedback, we incorporate it and
> republish the document. If it's important for reviewers to see each
> other's comments, you could create a distribution list to which all
> reviewers of a document are subscribed.
> If pdf is your primary format, you might use Acrobat's commenting
> mechanism. In recent versions of full acrobat, you can send a document
> for review so that the recipients can add comments even if they only
> have acrobat reader.
> There are also commercial solutions like xmetal reviewer:
> http://na.justsystems.com/content.php?page=xmetal-reviewer With it,  
> you
> publish the actual xml doc to a server. Users can edit and comment
> inline. The writer then accepts/rejects changes etc. However there  
> again
> you'd be having the reviewers look at something that's not the actual
> version you ship.
> David
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Geraint North [mailto:geraint@transitive.com]
>> Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 5:51 AM
>> To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
>> Subject: [docbook-apps] DocBook -> Wiki
>> Hi,
>> I'm thinking of putting together some DocBook -> Wiki XSL
>> stylesheets.  This is to attempt to solve the problemm (other
>> suggestions gratefully received) of handling simultaneous
>> multiple reviewers of a DocBook document.
>> The idea is that, having put together the Admin Guide for a
>> release of our software, the author publishes it on our
>> internal Wiki before handing it to our Release Engineering
>> team for testing.  As the RE team discovers bugs in the
>> documentation, they can alter/annotate it on the Wiki, where
>> their changes will be immediately visible to the rest of
>> Release Engineering, and to the original author.
>> Using the Wiki's change control tracking, the document author
>> will be able to see the comments and changes made by the
>> Release Engineering team, and then selectively (and manually)
>> roll them back into the original DocBook - I'm not trying to
>> roundtrip the document via the Wiki and back again, as I know
>> that the conversion will be lossy.
>> Has anyone else attempted this?  Does it sound useful?
>> I'd also appreciate some guidance as to how I should start -
>> should I take an existing (e.g. HTML) set of stylesheets, or
>> just write my own from scratch?  I've done a lot of
>> customisation of the HTML and XSL- FO stylesheets, so I have
>> a pretty good idea what's involved either way.
>> Thanks,
>> Geraint North
>> Principal Engineer
>> Transitive
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