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Subject: Problems with XInclude and images


we are setting up docbook for documenting our project. So far 
everythings goes well. There is just on issue with which I am 
struggling: When using images in document parts which are included by 
"XInclude" the XSLT-Stylesheet seems to apply the xml:base twice!

The project is layouted like this:

|		|-------pictures
|		|-------first-steps.xml

(and so on)

The picture should be stored in first-steps/pictures. When writing the 
document "first-steps.xml" we use the following docbook part to include 
an image:

<graphic fileref="pictures/login.jpg"/>

Which works nicely - as long we don't XInclude the first-steps.xml in 
the main.xml

As I understand one should set the XSLT-Option 
"keep.relative.image.uris" to "1" so that the xml:base values are 
applied. When doing so, we get HTML output which is like:

<img src=first-steps/first-steps/pictures/login.jpg>

When transforming to PDF output an error occurs that the picture 
"first-steps/first-steps/pictures/login.jpg" cannot be found.

Obviously the xml:base attribute has been applied twice.

So, what am I missing here? Is there a general error?

I am using docbook-xsl-1.73.2 and Ant 1.7 to generate the documents.

Does someone has an idea what is missing?

In hope for an hint

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