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Subject: Abstract handling anomaly

I noticed an anomaly in abstract processing.  In moving an
article from DocBook 4.4 to 5.0, I moved the abstract inside
the info element, since 5.0 doesn't allow abstract as a child
element directly under article.

When I did that, fo processing (1.73.0) for abstract changed.
In particular, I noticed two things:

- The abstract.properties and abstract.title.properties
  attribute sets are ignored when abstract is inside info.
- The position of the abstract in the output changed:
  - In my customization, I used two-column output.  In
    that case, when abstract is outside info, it appears
    in the left-hand column.  When abstract is inside info,
    it spans the two-column output.
  - With the standard stylesheets (no customization layer),
    when abstract is outside info, it appears after the TOC;
    when abstract is inside info, it appears before the TOC.
    (My customization omits the TOC, so I did not see this
    behavior until I used the standard stylesheets).

After poking around in the stylesheets, it looks to me like
an abstract that occurs inside info is handled as part of the
titlepage processing, while an abstract outside info is handled
by a separate template.

This explains the anomaly, but raises a couple of questions:

First, is there an easy way to get back the "outside info"
processing with 5.0?  I'm sure it's possible with a titlepage
customization, but it would be nice if there were an easier way.

Second, which of the two methods of processing abstracts
should the stylesheets use for 5.0?  I don't have a strong
opinion, except that I think the attribute sets should carry
through regardless.  Also, I'd like to be able to place the
abstract somewhere other than the titlepage.

Dick Hamilton

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