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Subject: Menuchoices in lists, using FOP


I'm using Docbook and the related XSL stylesheets pretty successfully  
except for one odd problem.

I have a number of procedures containing steps, and if a para inside  
a step contains a menuchoice, and my stylesheet sets:

<xsl:param name="menuchoice.menu.separator">
   <fo:inline font-family="Symbol"> &#x2192; </fo:inline>

then the step's sequence number is drawn vertically offset from the  
first line of the text. I uploaded a screenshot of this to a bug report:


This occurs if I use either xep 4 or fop 0.94. I'm running on Solaris.

The reason I'm explicitly setting the Symbol font is to workaround a  
known problem in fop. That workaround's also done in fo/inline.xsl in  
docbook-xsl 1.73.2, but only if fop1.extensions is non-zero.

Why is the line height getting mangled?

Is there a better way of getting an arrow character as a separator  
here, if I'm using fop?



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