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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] FOP 0.94 and Japanese Wordwrapping


Akagi K wrote:
> Hi DocBook gurus,
> In June this year my colleague built FOP 0.94 from the binary that was
> available then.

You probably mean he built a binary from a checkout of the Trunk.

> Wordwrapping in Japanese which was a problem with FOP0.93
> was resolved with that. I see now that FOP 0.94 has been released. Do you
> know whether the released FOP 0.94 addresses wordwrapping in Japanese?

Well if it worked fine in June, that should also work in the released 
0.94 version. Nothing changed in this area meanwhile. The feature you’re 
refering to is probably the implementation of UAX#14: in short, proper 
line breaking depending on the kind of characters found on the line.

> Does it show bullet points in Japanese?

Depends on what you exactly mean by bullet points ;-)

> My problem now is that I find that the current build isn't 
> wordwrapping any
> more. I haven't been working with docbook for a little while.
> A change that has taken place is that we are now using xsl version 2.0 as
> oppposed to 1.92.  

Not sure what you’re talking about here.

> I am wondering whether applying the released FOP 0.94 would resolve the
> issue, without affecting the build in English. 

Well the build in English should certainly work well. Regarding your 
wordwrapping issue for Japanese I suggest you to provide details on the 
fop-users mailing list [1], as it is more appropriate to discuss FOP 
related issues. Please describe your problem thoroughly (people there 
aren’t Japanese specialists), attach an FO file resulting from the 
transformation of the DocBook source, and possibly a screenshot of the 
rendering you’re expecting.

[1] http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/maillist.html#fop-user


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