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Subject: Getting prefaceinfo to be formatted like chapterinfo?

I suspect this is a bit of a newbie question, but I've spent an hour 
looking for the answer and haven't figured anything out, so I hope it's 
not _too_ newbieish!

We've got a manual in DocBook that we're formatting to FO output (and 
thence to PDF) using pretty much the standard fo/docbook.xsl settings 
with only a few custom modifications.  In this manual, the <prefaceinfo> 
and <chapterinfo> paragraphs end up formatted rather differently -- the 
preface one is indented and in serif font, whereas the chapter one is 
not indented and in sans serif.

Similarly, the body text in the Preface is indented, whereas the main 
body text is not.

I would like to have the <prefaceinfo> formatting consistent with that 
of <chapterinfo>, and the preface body text formatting consistent with 
that of the main body text.  How would I go about doing that?  (And, for 
that matter, where would I find how these are set in the first place?  I 
looked through the docbook files and couldn't find it.)

- Brooks

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