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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Part of the docbook to be placed prior totitlepage

It seems that my question was confusing. Below is a more detailed

I am not using chunk generation. Instead I have a Java tool taking
information from Java and XML code and generating (through Java Velocity
template engine) XML (docbook) files. Each file is a separate 'book'. Then,
by applying well-known XSL templates (single HTML, not chuncking), a set of
HTML pages is produced. 

Everything works good and I am thinking of implementing navigation between
these documents. However, for each document its siblings are known during
generation of the Docbook XML and this is why I want the information about
sibling documents to be placed somewhere in the XML so that it could be then
later taken by XSL templates during processing and put at the very top and
very bottom of each of the generated documents. This way I think navigation
could be provided.

However, titlepage is the upper element while I want navigation line to be
above the titlepage... I guess the possible hack would be to use an element
like 'subtitle' and then tune it to appear at the top of the titlepage.
However, this would be a hack...

Hope I could explain the problem. Feel free to criticize this approach - I
am more than happy to improve. ...And thanks in advance for the comments.


Mauritz Jeanson wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: akommar 
>> I'd like certain element (specified by an ID or whatever) of 
>> the docbook
>> file to be placed in the html output before the titlepage 
>> content or at
>> least prior to the title/subtitle/toc etc. The reason is that I am
>> implementing the navigation between various documents by 
>> myself at the stage
>> of the docbook file generation but not during XSL processing. 
>> This is the
>> reason I don't want to use html header customization but 
>> generating the
>> navigation elements and having them placed directly in the 
>> docbook. So I am
>> interested in  taking some paragraph and having it placed 
>> before at the very
>> top of the output.
> I'm sorry, but I don't understand. 
> Please provide a concrete example of what you are trying to accomplish.
> How
> is "navigation between various documents" supposed to work? What do you
> mean
> by "generating the navigation elements and having them placed directly in
> the docbook"?
> /MJ
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