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Subject: Questions on verbatim output


I've two questions about fix-format verbatim environments like screen or 

First, is it possible to make them less verbatim; specifically, to limit the 
width to (say) 80 columns?  If a line exceeds the 80 character limit it is 
split and the remainder appears on the next line.  Ideally, this would 
include support for some kind of mark (an arrow?) indicating the line should 
have continued but has been truncated.

Second, I believe the DocBook FO XSLT uses the same verbatim templates for 
screen and program lists.  This allows customisation (e.g. smaller font, 
coloured border) for all verbatim text.  Is it possible to further customise 
the FO XSLT so (for example) screen has one background- and border-colour 
whilst programlistings have a different bg- and border-color?



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