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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XSL stylesheets HTML output issues (bugs?)

Richard wrote:
> X-No-Archive: yes
> Hi. I'm using the DocBook XSL stylesheets to generate HTML output *.
> Some 
> things about the output seem unusual to me. I am relatively new to
> DocBook XSL though.
> Issues:
> a) Limited accessibility with rendered HTML elements.

Specific examples please?
We did review this some time back, but we may have missed something.
(I'm part of WAI so very interested)

> b) Command synopsis arguments do not have attributes for CSS
> referencing,
>  nor any semantic markup.

What do you want to identify for CSS processing?

> c) The parameter(s) to make output HTML be valid ... do not output
> valid HTML.
> * DocBook XML 4.4, stylesheets 1.71.0, xsltproc, on Debian.

How about updating your setup first?


Dave Pawson

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