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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Font used for hyphenation-character

Geraint North wrote:
> I'm attempting to insert a sensible continuation character for program 
> listings.  I don't want to use "\" or "...", since there is a risk that 
> the reader of the document would misinterpret those as characters to be 
> typed.
> So the effect I'm going for is this:
> http://geraintnorth.com/verbatim_break_lines.png
> In that mock-up, I have three lines of text, all of which break.  The 
> arrow indicates that the line is continued.
> The Courier typeface doesn't provide the symbols that I want, so I'd 
> ideally like to be able to insert the hyphenation character in the 
> ZapfDingbats typeface.

WHich assumes all your readers have that font available?

the \ character is (IMHO) far more generally used for this purpose.
If you add a note as to its use prior to the first usage in the document
you may save trouble for readers and clarify any misunderstandings.


Dave Pawson

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