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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] svg images, html, v5

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I'm not clear what your intentions are for sizing, but you might want to 
> try using contentwidth instead of width, or perhaps both contentwidth 
> and width attributes on your imagedata (and contentdepth and depth) to 
> give you complete control.  Normally "width" is supposed to be the size 
> of the viewport, and contentwidth is the desired image size.  But the 
> stylesheets try to interpret a width without a specified contentwidth 
> attribute as the desired image width because that is what people expect 
> it to do. But to me it just perpetuates the confusion between the two 
> attributes.

+1. I'm confused.
IMHO the 'natural' interpretation would be width and height
are the required (finished) image size. Perhaps 'scaleto' if I want
the stylesheets to shrink or grow the image?

100x100 scaleto 200x200 or 80x80?

At least I'd have a clue then what they mean?
Now you've explained it, I guess contentwidth does mean something...
but definately confusion first off!

I'll try again.

> And then there is the question of how the browser interprets the 
> external pixel specs and the internal SVG pixel specs.  That I can't 
> help you with. 8^)

Two hands together... No, leave that one.

> If you are wondering why a table is used, that is one way in HTML to 
> specify a viewport larger than the image, that is, a block that takes up 
> more space on the screen than the image itself.  The table sizing 
> defines the viewport from your width and depth attributes.

Can I be stupid and suggest 'border' might be obvious there
(I.e. Please provide a border. How.... I don't care sort of approach?)

<tr style="height: 698px">

Seems odd that the two heights are specified in the row and cell,
yet the width is the overall table width.

Lets hope the more recent shots on html in W3C gain better SVG


Dave Pawson

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