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Subject: HTMLHelp - profiling and chunking problem with alias.h

When I use profiling with xsltproc and the htmlhelp stylesheets, the HHP file output lists the correct files, but the alias.h file is incorrect. Alias.h contains the chunked filenames for all of the possible content, and disregards the profiling, so if my profiling is set to only output one chapter, alias.h contains the links for all 5 chapters in my document, but the one chapter I want is chapter 1 in the output and its links are set as chapter 5 in alias.h. I am using the following context-sensitive code below:

 <section xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"; condition="alarms">
  <?dbhh topicname="ALARMS_MESSAGES" topicid="1000"?>
This topicname and topicid gets mapped to ch05 instead of the actual output of ch01. The CHM works fine, but I cannot open it up from the Help ID of 1000 because it looks for ch05.

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