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Subject: Getting Html Chunks with Saxon 9j

I've been using Saxon for a while and have just started using it to do DocBook transformations.
I'm getting a problem with Chunked Html.
I'm getting a message saying Saxon doesn't know how to chunk, which I don't really believe.
I presume I've failed to do some basic bit of configuration.....
My error messages are as follows :
C:\Projects\Documentation>set CLASSPATH=C:/Downloads/Saxon/saxonb9-0-0-1j/saxon9.jar

C:\Projects\Documentation>java net.sf.saxon.Transform  -s:Proliant.dbk -xsl:C:\Downloads\DocBook\docbook-xsl-1.73.2\html\chunk.xsl base.dir=ProliantDocumentationChunked/
Warning: at xsl:stylesheet on line 4 of file:/C:/Downloads/DocBook/docbook-xsl-1.73.2/html/chunk.xsl:
  Running an XSLT 1.0 stylesheet with an XSLT 2.0 processor
Warning: on line 337 of file:/C:/Downloads/DocBook/docbook-xsl-1.73.2/common/stripns.xsl:
  The attribute axis starting at a document node will never select anything
Note: namesp. cut : stripped namespace before processing           Proliant Server Monitor Driver
Note: namesp. cut : processing stripped document                   Proliant Server Monitor Driver
WARNING: cannot add @xml:base to node set root element.  Relative paths may not work.
Don't know how to chunk with SAXON from Saxonica
Processing terminated by xsl:message at line 46 in chunker.xsl

This message appears to occur when element-available(saxon:output) is not true (nor exsl:document nor redirect:write but I'm assuming they're not relevant as I'm using Saxon).
(The same error occurs whether or not I try to use base.dir)

I assume I'm missing something basic but I can't find anything on the WWW that clarifies it.
As you can probably partially tell from the above I am working with :
Windows XP
Java 1.6.0_03

Richard Kerry
Colledia Control Engineer
Siemens IT Solutions and Services Ltd

Room 457 Design Building, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ
T: +44 (0)20 82259063 F: +44 (0)20 8576 8182 M: +44 (0)7921 244993
Email: richard.kerry@siemens.com
Website:  www.siemens.co.uk/it-solutions

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