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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Troubles formatting <programlisting>

Thanks Bob,

Yes, you are right. I'm using FOP (+ Saxon 6.5.5 + XSL 1.73.2).

Thanks for the advice on the "line wrapping". I'll take it into account.

With respect to the "top page" overflow: Is there any option for FOP users?

The curious point is that taking the <programlisting> out of the <example> block
it works flawlessly!! 

Sorry but... are you sure FOP is the "offending part" and there is no troubles
with the stylesheets??



---- Mensaje Original ----

> Hi,
> You did not mention which FO processor you are using, but the "overflows the
top margin" indicates it is probably FOP. 
> Overflowing the right margin is the default behavior for the programlisting
template, which does not insert line breaks, because line breaks can be
significant in some programming languages.  If you want to insert line breaks,
you can adjust the wrap-option property as described in:
> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/FittingText.html#BreakLongLines
> Bob Stayton
> Sagehill Enterprises
> bobs@sagehill.net
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Pedro Pastor 
>   To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org 
>   Cc: 'Pedro Pastor' 
>   Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 2:55 PM
>   Subject: [docbook-apps] Troubles formatting <programlisting>
>   Hello,
>   When using the <programlisting> element for PDF publishing, the content of
this block does not stick to the page format and the content overflows the page
>   There is a curious point:
>   - If I enclose the <programlisting> block inside a <para> element, the
content overflows the right and the top margins.
>   - If the <programlisting> block is outside other blocks (child of a
<section>) the content overflows ONLY the right margin.
>   Thank you very much in advance.
>   Pedro
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