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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Something like an attribute-set, but different

Geraint North wrote:
> Thanks for that.
> I'm having difficulty getting the desired effect, though (either with 
> params or attribute sets), which I think is due to my misunderstanding 
> of Xpath query syntax.  I've constructed a very small case that 
> illustrates my misunderstanding.
> Within an attribute-set, the following evaluates as true
>   <xsl:when test="/book">
> But the following does not:
>   <xsl:when test="/book/info[1]">
> nor does
>   <xsl:when test="/book/info">

<!-- Category: top-level-element -->
   name = qname
   use-attribute-sets = qnames>
   <!-- Content: xsl:attribute* -->

I.e. the content of an attribute-set can be
attribute only.

Where are you using the xsl:choose?


Dave Pawson

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