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Subject: Fop unable to render tables ? (without intervention ?)

I have a DocBook document which I wish to convert to pdf and I'm having a problem with Fop rendering the tables.
I've used the Xsl stylesheet to convert it to Xsl-Fo.  Originally with no parameters set.  I then use Fop version 0.94 to generate pdf. 
The DocBook document contains several tables, one in particular is very large, and will stretch over several pages of the final document (another is perhaps just a little over the size that should fit on one page).
The two symptoms I had were :
1.  There were many error messages from Fop.
2.  The tables in the pdf file were attempting to display on one page each, which seems wrong.
The Fop error messages were as follows :
17-Dec-2007 13:34:19 org.apache.fop.fo.FONode attributeWarning
WARNING: Warning(994/42): fo:table, table-layout="auto" is currently not supported by FOP
Once for each table.
17-Dec-2007 13:34:20 org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.inline.LineLayoutManager$LineBreakingAlgorithm updateData2
WARNING: Line 1 of a paragraph overflows the available area. (fo:block, location: 2481/70)
Many times.  Possibly once per expected resulting page.
I am assuming that these error messages indicate the reasons why the large tables were not rendered properly.
So what I'd like to know is :
How can I stop this happening ?
Do I need to do something to change table-layout to something other than "auto", and if so how do I pass this in ?
I expected that tables would just go through on the nod, and work without intervention, as they would seem to be a very common part of a technical document.
Fop is version 0.94, which I think is the latest.
Xsl template processing is being done by Saxon 6.5.5, which I believe is the most recent Saxon-6.
I've also done the xsl processing using Saxon, which gives almost exactly the same xsl-fo file output, except that it can be told to indent its output which I don't believe Saxon-6 can (see question by me last week), and I don't care to try reading unindented xml........
When I say "Originally with no parameters set." I mean that in order to stop getting messages about not being able to fetch the draft picture I'm now setting "draft.mode=no", and I'm now also setting "paper.type=A4" as I'm in Europe.  As well as "!indent=yes", which only afects Saxon-9, to get the fo indented.
Richard Kerry
Colledia Control Engineer
Siemens IT Solutions and Services Ltd

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