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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Generating a customized TOC & chunking.

Two possible starting points using the base DocBook stylesheets:

* Olink databases, if you use olinks. To quote 'Target database 
additional uses' in Chapter 24 of Stayton's book:

"You may find additional uses for the target database that keeps track 
of potential olink targets. The database contains structured information 
about a collection of documents. The information includes the hierarchy 
of division and section elements, with enough information to form links 
to them. You could, for example, generate a master table of contents for 
all of your documents."

I use a sitemap to generate HTML breadcrumbs, for example.

* eclipse/eclipse.xsl (Chapter 24) generates an Eclipse toc and 
manifest. Maybe you could customize that stylesheet.


Paul Norton wrote:
> Hi,
> First, a brief introduction to what I'm trying to do.
> Background: Creating ePub from DocBook
> ******************************
> I'm trying to build on the DocBook XSL an 'ePub' output. 'ePub' is the
> nickname for a set of standards for a reflowable ebook format. The
> standards build on XHTML 1.1 and CSS for the content. There is
> additional XML for navigaiton and a manifest.
> I've created a new instance of the html2xhtml.xsl. I have, at least
> against one test, validating XHTML 1.1 from a docbook xml document.
> Now, I'm starting on what seems to be the hard part. There's a couple of
> extra files that I need to create, one is a toc (it's not in XHTML but
> in another XML vocabulary.) The other file I need to add is the OPF
> file, which is basically a manifest, a set of metadata, and a listing of
> the chapters.
> Now my question:
> ******************************
> How do I use the chunking HTML stylesheets but generate a separate TOC
> with a different format (not HTML) and have the links work from the TOC
> to the targets inside the chunks? Is the answer in "Customized hrefs"
> (in chapter 12 of "DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide"), or is that not the
> right direction?
> Thanks, 
> Paul Norton
> norton@adobe.com
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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