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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Generating a customized TOC & chunking.

David Cramer wrote:
> Right. As I understand his request, he needs to make a customization
> layer that will look a lot like the eclipse, html help, and JavaHelp
> xsls. In all three cases, they are small customizations of the stock
> xslts that produce chunked html output in addition to the extra goo,
> including a toc file, required by each of the output formats.

Guessing but
http://www.daisy.org/z3986/2005/Z3986-2005.html#NCXEx is of the
nature of the 'toc' (navigation control centre), except I doubt
Paul wants the smil hooks. Bit different from html, but has the
same base content

Biggest question, as a customization layer or a mod on the base
XSLT? Two quite different beasts IMHO.


Dave Pawson

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