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Subject: Table Row Counting

I'd like to create a table in which the first column is a sequential 
number to indicate the item number.  For example:

<table><title>Software List</title>
<tgroup cols="3">
    <colspec colname="1" align="center" colwidth="3pc"/>
    <colspec colname="2" align="left" colwidth="25pc"/>
    <colspec colname="3" align="left" colwidth="10pc"/>
            <entry align="center">Item #</entry>
            <entry align="center">Software Program</entry>
            <entry align="center">Version</entry>

Instead of manually entering the item number in the first column, I'd 
like to be able to have that generated during conversion so that it 
stays accurate as I add and remove items.  What is a good method to 
accomplish this?


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