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Subject: Docbookk/FOP Exceptions on Fedora Core 7

I've just upgraded one of my Linux machines to Fedora Core 7 and have 
begun seeing out of memory exceptions using admon.graphics when 
generating a PDF file.  My Fedora Core 6 machine still works fine. 
I've tried using both FOP 0.93 and FOP 0.94 on FC7 as well as both 
Jimi and JAI to handle the graphics.  The out of memory exception is 
a known FOP problem with no reported fix.  I've also tried changing 
the extensions to .gif, .tif and .svg.  .gif acts just like .png, 
while .tif and .svg run but the graphics don't appear in the PDF.

If someone has gotten FOP to work with admon.graphics on FC7, please 
let me know the releases of everything that work.  I assume the 
jre/jdk release is the problem, but I'm not sure.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


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