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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: docbook to wordml problems

Hi Antti,

On 04/01/2008, at 6:41 PM, Antti Karanta wrote:
> On Fri, 04 Jan 2008 01:41:20 +0200, Steve Ball <Steve.Ball@xxx> wrote:
>> Firstly, the stylesheet you are using is the old version; I'm  
>> currently working on a new system of XSL stylesheets, currently  
>> only in the Subversion repository.
>  Ok, I took the latest snapshot, dated last monday. If I understood  
> correctly, the snapshots should be up to date w/ svn head, right?


>> Secondly, the output of the stylesheet is an XML file, not a binary  
>> Word document.  Therefore the file extension should be ".xml", not  
>> ".doc".
>  Word handles wordml files w/ extension .doc just fine. The benefit  
> is that I can send that file to someone and not have to explain that  
> it's really a word document.

Well, there you go!  You learn something every day!

>> MS Word is very helpful with its error reporting, isn't it?  What I  
>> do is "pretty-print" the WordML document and then try and open it  
>> is Word again.  That gives you a more helpful line location to  
>> track down the problem.
>  I tried that (sorry, forgot to mention), but the exact location  
> word points to contains a tab. = /
>  The offending line (and the following lines upto the corresponding  
> closing tag) looks like this:
> 				<w:r>
> 					<w:rPr>
> 						<w:rStyle w:val="inlineerror"/>
> 					</w:rPr>
> 					<w:t>revhistory encountered in articleinfo, but no template  
> matches.</w:t>
> 				</w:r>
>  Manually adding <w:p> tags to surround this seems to remedy the  
> problem. Perhaps this should be corrected to the stylesheets?

Yes, this is a typical bug in the stylesheets.  It is tricky to know  
when to insert w:p, w:r and w:t tags.

>  The only problem validating was because this tag in the headers had  
> no content:
> <o:TotalTime/>
>  I don't understand how this tag is w/out a value since in the  
> template it is
> <o:TotalTime>19</o:TotalTime>
>  I manually added a value and the generated wordml document now  
> validates againts the schema. However, it still does not open in  
> word (as explained above). = /

I'll look into that.

>  Ok, it seems that the wordml xsl stylesheets are work in progress.  
> Do you have any guesstimates when they might be in usable condition?

I am actively working on them now, but I can't commit to a completion  
date.  However, I have (paying) clients who will soon be relying on  
this so it won't take long.

>  Ps. Someone on this forum pointed out in reply to one of my earlier  
> posts that roundtrip/supported.xml does not render correctly to pdf  
> (w/ the fo stylesheets + fop) because on line 42 it has
>    <tgroup cols='3'>
>  evan though there are five columns. You might want to correct that.

Fair enough... I'll fix that too.

Steve Ball

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