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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook to wordml conversion questions

Hi Steve,

Good to hear you're still working on 'em, thanks for the great work!  
You refer to "new version" and "old version". I'm not sure where the  
new version lives, but I've tried using both docbook-xml snapshot as  
well as 1.73.2 (always matching the correct version of template and  
stylesheets - ie. either use template and stylesheet from snapshot, or  
template and stylesheet from 1.72.2). Is there any more recent  
versions other than the snapshots?

I'm converting from docbook to wordml, so I'm using the roundtrip/ 
docbook.xsl. I've fixed the sample document so that it validates, but  
it still seems to miss generation of <w:r><w:t> elements when  
processing the <para> element inside of <listitem>.

For example, from snip 1, I get snip 2, but word expects snip 3  
(according to how word renders things, and from my understanding of  
the wordml spec). Snip 2 will be rendered as plain bullet with no  
text, adding <w:r><w:t> elements as in snip 3 will show the bullet  
with text. Perhaps I'm missing something?

Thanks for your work and help.


--snip 1--
     <listitem><para>bullet one</para></listitem>
--/snip 1--

--snip 2--
         <w:pStyle w:val="itemizedlist1"/>
             <wx:t wx:val="."/>
             <wx:font wx:val="Symbol"/>
     bullet one
--/snip 2--

--snip 3--
         <w:pStyle w:val="itemizedlist1"/>
             <wx:t wx:val="."/>
             <wx:font wx:val="Symbol"/>
         <w:t>bullet one</w:t>
--/snip 3--

On 4-Jan-08, at 17:38 , Steve Ball wrote:

> Hi Mayo,
> I am the current maintainer of the roundtripping stylesheets.  One  
> thing to note is that there are two different sets of stylesheets to  
> converting to/from DocBook; the original stylesheets that are now  
> deprecated, and a new set that have better support for the different  
> word processors (Open Office, Pages) and are more easily  
> maintainable.  It would help me tremendously if you could be clear  
> about which set you are using.
> As Fabian has pointed out, thee stylesheets assume valid DocBook.   
> The new set of stylesheets are designed to work with DocBook v5.0.
> See below for further comments.
> Cheers,
> Steve Ball
> On 05/01/2008, at 8:33 AM, Mayo Jordanov wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm having some issues with docbook to wordml conversion, and was  
>> wondering if anyone on this list would be able to help me out.
>> The document gets converted with no errors, but there are some big  
>> problems with ordered and itemized lists.
>> 1)the text in the lists does not show up. It is in the generated  
>> wordml document, however there are some elements missing around it  
>> (<w:r><w:t> specifically, as if the <para> inside of <listitem>  
>> wasn't getting parsed by the xsl sheet).
>> 2) the current docbook-xsl release (1.73.2) itemized lists don't  
>> have bullets, but ordered lists have numbers, and with the docbook- 
>> xsl snapshot bulleted lists have bullets, but ordered lists don't  
>> have numbers.
>> The document I'm trying to convert is as simple as:
>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
>> <article>
>> 	<para>testing</para>
>> 	<itemizedlist>
>> 		<listitem><para>bullet one</para></listitem>
>> 		<listitem><para>bullet two</para></listitem>
>> 	</itemizedlist>
>> 	<orderedlist>
>> 		<listitem><para>number one</para></listitem>
>> 		<listitem><para>number two</para></listitem>
>> 	</orderedlist>
>> </article>
>> To solve 1) I've tried  with both <para> and without <para> inside  
>> of <listitem> elements, but that doesn't help, and according to the  
>> comments in the xsl stylesheet it expects <para> (as it should).  
>> The only solution I found was to modify the roundtrip/docbook.xsl  
>> sheet and insert <w:r><w:t> around the contents of the <listitem>  
>> element definitely helps to solve this problem. (I'm fairly fluent  
>> in xsl, but don't have much experience with debugging xsl files, so  
>> putting it there manually rather than trying to track why the  
>> <para> inside of <listitem> is getting ignored was easier for me.)  
>> According to the wordml 2003 spec (http://rep.oio.dk/Microsoft.com/officeschemas/welcome.htm 
>> ) the <w:r><w:t> is required.
>> My second issue seems to be related to the worldml template  
>> document, and I haven't been able to figure out what exactly  
>> changed in it and why it suddenly shows bullets but numbers are gone.
> The template has been changed to better support the new  
> stylesheets.  Sorry if that has broken anything, but if you need the  
> old version then grab that from the 1.73.2 distribution.
>> I was also wondering if anyone is actively maintaining the docbook  
>> to wordml xsl sheet (roundtrip/docbook.xsl) or if they are just  
>> occasionally updated. Or are they intended just as an example and  
>> should be developed further by users?
> Yes, that's me.  They are intended as a complete application, but  
> also include a customisation layer (documentation on that is coming  
> soon).

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