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Subject: FOP on Mac OS X--missing hyphenation file for language "en"

Thanks for all the previous help.  I have just downloaded and unpacked fop-0.94 to a directory and am trying to run fop on my saxon-created .fo file.  This is the message I get:

redpoint:~/docbook/fop- 0.94 mark$ ./fop /Users/mark/myfile.fo /Users/mark/myfile.pdf
Jan 6, 2008 4:27:30 PM org.apache.fop.hyphenation.Hyphenator getHyphenationTree
SEVERE: Couldn't find hyphenation pattern en

My understanding is that the English language hyphenation does not have to be downloaded separately and that the shell script fop sets its own CLASSPATH, so I don't have to.  I'm looking for the problem, but decided to throw this out to the list in hopes that someone can save me hours of puzzling the out.


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