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Subject: images in docbook to wordml transformation


   I was wondering what image formats are supported in docbook to wordml  
transformation. I did a little experiment and only the image names turned  
out in the transformed wordml document.

   So, I had a look at the roundtrip/docbook.xsl stylesheet, and with my  
limited xsl knowledge, it seems that this is the only support there is for  
any kind of images, at least using the mediaobject element containing one  
or more imageobjects w/ imagedata pointing to an external file w/ fileref,  

   <mediaobject id="mypic">
     <imageobject role="fo">
       <imagedata format="SVG" fileref="image.svg"/>
     <imageobject role="html">
       <imagedata format="PNG" fileref="slides.png"/>
       <para>alternative text</para>

   is rendered as just

Text Object 1
alternative text

   Are images not supported at all in the transformation from docbook to  
   Or is it just not yet supported?
   Or did I miss something?


   Ps. I'm using docbook-xsl-snapshot from monday.

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