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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Page title formatting error with 1.69.1 stylesheets

Warren Young wrote:
> Further testing implicates either xsltproc or the stylesheets.

For the archives, it's the stylesheets.

Thanks to help off-list from Bob Stayton, I found that the Red Hat 
packages (which CentOS uses verbatim, by policy) have been horribly 
hacked up relative to the stock ones.  This change persists in FC7, so 
it's not a result of temporary brain-damage in North Carolina.  My guess 
is that they've done it to make the stylesheets work better with manuals 
they generate without realizing what it does to other DocBook users.

I've fixed it by rebuilding a new RPM from the Mandrake versions, which 
installs cleanly, probably because its a noarch package:


With that installed, my document formats just like it used to back on my 
CentOS 3 machine.

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