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Subject: Re: Table rendered badly with docbook xsl + xsl-fo

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007 14:21:08 +0200, Dave Cushman <dave@cushmanroad.com>  

> I'm not sure it will solve all of your table issues, but try this in  
> your customization to get the table to break across pages:
> <xsl:attribute-set name="formal.object.properties">
>     <xsl:attribute  
> name="keep-together.within-column">auto</xsl:attribute>
> </xsl:attribute-set>
> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/PageBreaking.html#KeepTogetherPI

   Inserting the snippet above to the customization layer xsl works fine if  
the intent is to have this behavior for all tables.

   However, to have this occur only on a specific table I tried inserting

   <?dbfo keep-together="auto" ?>

   into the table definition as instructed in the page pointed to by the  
url above, but that seemed to have no effect. (Not using a customization  
layer at all in this case).

   Has anybody had success w/ having the above processing instruction  
working? Is it broken?


   Ps. My environment:
win xp sp2, java 1.6.0_03, saxon 655, docbook-xsl-1.73.2, fop 0.94. The  
above can easily be reproduced by inserting the named processing  
instruction into docbook xsl distribution's roundtrip/supported.xsl (into  
the only table in that particular docbook document). The exact command  
lines I used can be found earlier in this thread:  

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