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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Test XML file?

Dave Pawson wrote:
> Euis Luhuanam wrote:
>> Does something simpler like "HelloWorld.xml" exist?
>> The purpose is to check/test if an XML set works
>> (i.e. xsltproc, fop, xsl files).
> This was asked a few days ago.
> The docbook distribution contains test files, but they are not
> good examples of 'normal' books/articles etc.

Apology: I forgot to include the original mail. I replied this after looking at
https://docbook.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/docbook/trunk/testdocs/tests/ and

> Perhaps it would be a good idea to include in the distribution
> an example, perhaps called 'helloWorld.xml' that can be used
> for this purpose?
> Euis, what root element are you using?
> Do you care if it is book or article?

No: The purpose is for checking if the utilities works
( like xsltproc, fop, and xsl files).

> Are you using docbook 4 or 5?
I am still using DocBook 4.5



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