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Subject: A chunking filename question


I've a question (perhaps a feature request) with the filename for 
html-chunking output.

I've a modest sized DocBook file that I chunk.  It has three parts (each with 
multiple chapters) that I'd like to separate into different directories.  To 
do this, I'm using the dbhtml dir PI, which works fine.

Ideally, what I'd like is that each part have a filename like index.shtml and 
all references to the part use just the directory name.  This would use the 
web-server's built-in indexing (i.e., searching for index\.s?html) to bring 
up the part HTML chunk.

I can (and do) use the dbhtml filename PI to set the index.shtml filename 
explicitly.  The disadvantage is that this ignores the html.ext parameter; is 
it possible to use a parameter within a PI?

So, perhaps this is a feature-request for two new features:

  a) that dbhtml dir should (optionally) create a file called index{$html.ext} 
(the first chunk after the dbhtml dir PI?)

  b) that, when building a reference to filename like index{$html.ext}, the 
filename can be (optionally) stripped off.



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