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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] line-breaks after slashes in filenames

> I'm using docbook - xsl-fo and fop to create a pdf. In my text I have
> occasionally the problem, that a part marked with <filename> breaks
> inappropriate like this:
> some long and random text /
> etc/passwd some more text
> This is not what I want, of course. I want to get the '/' on the next
> line. Its ok to break after a slash on longer filenames, but not after
> the first.
> I tried to force a line-break by using a processing instruction to
> insert a <fo:block/> element in my FO, but this breaks the justification
> of the previous line, which also doesn't look pretty good.
> How can I solve this problem? A solution that would allow forced
> line-breaks without breaking the justification would be ok for me.

For ulinks there are already two parameters how does URL breaking.

Did you already know the following parameters?

However, these apply to ulinks, not to filenames. Try the following:

1. Write a customization layer
2. Set hyphenation="false" to avoid any hyphenation
3. Call the named template "hyphenate-url" in your filename template. This
   template takes care of the appropriate location and inserts the character
   from the ulink.hyphenate parameter.

This snippet needs to be inserted into your customization layer: 

<xsl:template match="filename">
  <fo:inline hyphenate="false">
    <xsl:apply-templates mode="hyphenate-url"/>

The above template can be improved, but it's just the general idea.

Hope that helps,

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