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Subject: auto-index, HOWTO

I'm seeing unexpected behavior with automatic index generation, so I'd 
like to seek advice on how to write my document to get the behavior I want.

The attached document contains 4 indexterms. The final <index/> creates 
entries for all of them. However, the link is not to the anchor 
generated where the indexterm appears but the enclosing section, and the 
label is that section's title (i.e. three times the same in this case).

Is this intentional ? If so, is this behavior documented somewhere ?
(I'm using xsl-stylesheets-1.73.2)

It seems that, in order to generate unique labels, I'd have to make sure 
each indexterm is enclosed by its own (unique) section...

Thanks for any clarification.



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  <title>struct Foo</title>
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