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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] auto-index, HOWTO

Stefan Seefeld wrote:
> Bob,
> thanks for the quick clarification. I'm not sure whether to be happy 
> about the fact that the current behavior is a feature, not a bug. :-)
> Bob Stayton wrote:
>> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/IndexOutput.html
>> Suggestions for alternate designs in HTML output are welcome.
> I'm not quite sure I have better ideas, though I certainly don't find 
> the current behavior intuitive.
> In particular, "DocBook: The Definitive Guide"
> contains this description for indexterm:
> "In other words, the IndexTerm is placed in the flow of the document at 
> the point where the IndexEntry in the Index should point."
> Compare that to
> "The links go to the top of the section rather than to the anchor point 
> within the section. That's done to permit multiple identical indexterms 
> in the same section to collapse to a single entry. That's done to avoid 
> having to repeat the section title."
> from the your book (the link you just pointed me at). Aren't these two 
> statements contradictory ?

I'd compare this with a paper book? The index entry points to the page
(pedantically the top of the page) on which the entry resides?

The current feature is 'web equivalent' to that?

Re differentiation, I've always believed that secondary and tertiary
terms were used for that?

primary    p100
   secondary p100

Would that meet your needs in terms of display?


Dave Pawson

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