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Subject: DocBook/CCS Pro needed for short task

<<I believe this post is appropriate, but the link to the list guidlines appears to be broken so please be kind if it does not follow them.>>
I posted a small project on both Rent-a-Coder (RAC) and eLance with only one unqualified bidder. Apparently these sites lack DocBook Pros so I'm hoping that this post be more successful in getting an appropriate DocBook person willing to bid on a RAC task. Below is a link to the task and the main description from it. I think you can look at everything without having to sign up unless you want to bid. If you do bid, please mention you saw the task on this list as I will be giving those bids the most serious consideration.
Looking for someone who knows DocBook and CSS fairly well. The content is heavy on computer/programming concepts so experience using DocBook for this type of technically writing would also be necessary. Attached below you will find a small DocBook project that already compiles into HTMLHelp and ultimately a CHM file. However, the DocBook source and CSS were programatically generated from old Windows RTFhelp and so it looks something like this: ... <para role="rvps15"><emphasis role="rvts7"> <bridgehead renderas="sect5"/></emphasis></para> <para role="rvps36"><emphasis role="rvts25">var</emphasis></para> ... Your task is to convert the content of this sample project from using tags and enumerated style names that only convey formatting to ones that give semantic meaning (ComputerOutput, SeeAlsoIE, Token, Warning, etc.). The project is about three pages total and describes exactly what is required. It contains samples of various block and inline constructs that need to be converted (a code sample, definitions, a "see also" section, tables, etc.) the other topics are to are primarily dummy topics to demonstrate organization like divisions, components, sections, etc.) and no real content. Completed task should render as close as possible to what was originally provided using CSS styles while demonstrating DocBook best practices in the use of DocBook elements.

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