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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook/CCS Pro needed for short task

Greg Stevenson escribió:
> <<I believe this post is appropriate, but the link to the list guidlines
> appears to be broken so please be kind if it does not follow them.>>
> I posted a small project on both Rent-a-Coder (RAC) and eLance with only one
> unqualified bidder. Apparently these sites lack DocBook Pros so I'm hoping
> that this post be more successful in getting an appropriate DocBook person
> willing to bid on a RAC task. Below is a link to the task and the main
> description from it. I think you can look at everything without having to
> sign up unless you want to bid. If you do bid, please mention you saw the
> task on this list as I will be giving those bids the most serious
> consideration.
> Thanks,
> --Greg
> http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/misc/BidRequests/ShowBidRequest.asp?lngBidRequestId=836661&txtForceRefresh=12520086374156762
Hello Greg,

    we are currently evaluating this task in order to be able to make a bid.

    We hope to have it ready for tomorrow.

Fabián Mandelbaum
NeoDoc - www.neodoc.biz

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