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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website build/deploy

Hi Tony.

Tony Graham wrote:

> I don't know what capabilities you/they have on the web server, but is
> this a possible scenario:
> 1. Edit local XML and do local transform to check it is correct.
> 2. Check local XML into Subversion repository on server.
> 3. Subversion check-in hook script on server checks out updated file(s)
>    and runs transform using its copy of the stylesheets.
> 4. New HTML appears on server.
> More work for you to set up, but they could do then the whole thing
> without leaving their XML IDE (e.g., oXygen).

It does add the oXygen cost, but it seems neat.
It would also address the issue of non geeks editing the xml
since oXygen would point that out.

The main features are
1. Editing an existing page
2. Adding (creating from scratch|a template ) a new page
3. Rebuild the entire site (generate the layout file)
4. Upload (login etc) using ftp / something else.

For my use case I'm only thinking of, say, less than 100 pages
none of which are large, hence the easy 'upload it all' option.

Are you thinking svn because it's what oXygen can do?
Seems an unwarranted excursion?

If the stylesheets aren't touched,
If the XML is valid (separate step seems to be called for)
then building and upload are straightforward (ant seems

2. above is the awkward one.

2.1 Choose an id value (based on filename? / if unique in the site)
2.2 Select a place in the existing tree
2.3 Add the layout entry
2.4 Generate the skeleton
2.5 (manual) Add content to the skeleton

This  is the maximum amount of user interaction hence
likely to be the highest error source?



Dave Pawson

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