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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website build/deploy

On Tue, Jan 29 2008 12:34:31 +0000, davep@dpawson.co.uk wrote:
> Tony Graham wrote:
>> I don't know what capabilities you/they have on the web server, but is
>> this a possible scenario:
>> 1. Edit local XML and do local transform to check it is correct.
>> 2. Check local XML into Subversion repository on server.
>> 3. Subversion check-in hook script on server checks out updated file(s)
>>    and runs transform using its copy of the stylesheets.
>> 4. New HTML appears on server.
> Are you thinking svn because it's what oXygen can do?

I thought of it because my webhost's forum recently had a thread about
automated checking out of websites using a Subversion hook script.

> Seems an unwarranted excursion?

I always have an itch to check stuff into a revision control system, so
personally, I'd have the Subversion setup even if I didn't have the
automated check-out.

> 2. above is the awkward one.
> 2.1 Choose an id value (based on filename? / if unique in the site)
> 2.2 Select a place in the existing tree
> 2.3 Add the layout entry
> 2.4 Generate the skeleton
> 2.5 (manual) Add content to the skeleton
> This  is the maximum amount of user interaction hence
> likely to be the highest error source?

Don't you have to do all that just because it's DocBook Website XML?

With revision control, you can always see what's changed and, if
necessary, you can always revert to a version that worked.


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