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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website build/deploy

Tony Graham wrote:
>> Are you thinking svn because it's what oXygen can do?
> I thought of it because my webhost's forum recently had a thread about
> automated checking out of websites using a Subversion hook script.
>> Seems an unwarranted excursion?
> I always have an itch to check stuff into a revision control system, so
> personally, I'd have the Subversion setup even if I didn't have the
> automated check-out.

I have a subversion server here, but not in the M$ servers I'm looking
to use. That would be added hassle getting it setup and maintained.

> ...
>> 2. above is the awkward one.
>> 2.1 Choose an id value (based on filename? / if unique in the site)
>> 2.2 Select a place in the existing tree
>> 2.3 Add the layout entry
>> 2.4 Generate the skeleton
>> 2.5 (manual) Add content to the skeleton
>> This  is the maximum amount of user interaction hence
>> likely to be the highest error source?
> Don't you have to do all that just because it's DocBook Website XML?

Yes. IMHO the benefits of website make it worthwhile.
Even for a chunked docbook (with human readable file names)
the files would need 'naming' (id values I guess) and placing...
Yes. Placing. The 'tree' of files is generated by the customer.
The benefits of editing one small file rather than n combined
ones pushes me towards website rather than docbook.

Generating content valid to the layout.dtd would be a good
use of a validating editor though.

> With revision control, you can always see what's changed and, if
> necessary, you can always revert to a version that worked.

Yes, a real plus for svn. Agreed.


Dave Pawson

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