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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook editor

Lou Iorio wrote:
> Go to Preferences->Editors->File Associations and add *.dbk. with the 
> same associated editors as *.xml.
> I think there's one more Preferences setting to deal with, but I don't 
> remember what it is.

Thanks.  You also have to go into the Content Types area and tell it 
that *.dbx is an XML file.  While there are many kinds of XML that 
Eclipse understands and so has special modes, it's another black mark in 
my book against it that it doesn't default to generic XML for the 
content type.

Anyway, having done that, it's only a partial solution.  If you then use 
Windows file associations (unrelated to Eclipse file associations) to 
associate *.dbx with eclipse.exe, the file doesn't open in Eclipse. 
When you double-click a .dbx file, Eclipse opens, and then it takes you 
to the last project you had open; the .dbx file doesn't ever open.  I 
tried closing the project, closing Eclipse, and then double-clicking the 
.dbx file again, but it still reopened the last project.

This is part of what I referred to with my comment about workspace 
tunnel vision.  Eclipse doesn't cope well with things outside its workspace.

>> That, coupled with Eclipse's tunnel vision regarding workspaces, I 
>> don't think I could recommend it as a general-purpose DocBook editor.
> I don't use or understand workspaces or projects in Eclipse: I just use 
> it to edit individual files.

Maybe all this doesn't happen if you never start using workspaces and 
projects to begin with.  But regardless, it's still keeping Eclipse from 
being "great".

There's a lot to like about Eclipse.  I already use it in two separate 
contexts from DocBook, but it has a lot of sharp edges still, especially 
in areas like this, which are outside its original scope as a Java 
development platform.

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