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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook editor

This is all useful information, thanks.

I use a Mac, not Windows, so I start Eclipse and then open the file I  
want to edit.
Every time I need to use a Windows machine, I end up using words my  
would yell at me for.

I know I had to set an Eclipse workspace when I installed it, but  
I've ignored it
ever since.

I still think Eclipse is great compared to the alternatives (at least  
those available to
me with my system constraints). Emacs is a close second, but the  
outline feature in
Eclipse makes it better for me.

On Jan 29, 2008, at 2:47 PM, Warren Young wrote:

> Lou Iorio wrote:
>> Go to Preferences->Editors->File Associations and add *.dbk. with  
>> the same associated editors as *.xml.
>> I think there's one more Preferences setting to deal with, but I  
>> don't remember what it is.
> Thanks.  You also have to go into the Content Types area and tell  
> it that *.dbx is an XML file.  While there are many kinds of XML  
> that Eclipse understands and so has special modes, it's another  
> black mark in my book against it that it doesn't default to generic  
> XML for the content type.
> Anyway, having done that, it's only a partial solution.  If you  
> then use Windows file associations (unrelated to Eclipse file  
> associations) to associate *.dbx with eclipse.exe, the file doesn't  
> open in Eclipse. When you double-click a .dbx file, Eclipse opens,  
> and then it takes you to the last project you had open; the .dbx  
> file doesn't ever open.  I tried closing the project, closing  
> Eclipse, and then double-clicking the .dbx file again, but it still  
> reopened the last project.
> This is part of what I referred to with my comment about workspace  
> tunnel vision.  Eclipse doesn't cope well with things outside its  
> workspace.
>>> That, coupled with Eclipse's tunnel vision regarding workspaces,  
>>> I don't think I could recommend it as a general-purpose DocBook  
>>> editor.
>> I don't use or understand workspaces or projects in Eclipse: I  
>> just use it to edit individual files.
> Maybe all this doesn't happen if you never start using workspaces  
> and projects to begin with.  But regardless, it's still keeping  
> Eclipse from being "great".
> There's a lot to like about Eclipse.  I already use it in two  
> separate contexts from DocBook, but it has a lot of sharp edges  
> still, especially in areas like this, which are outside its  
> original scope as a Java development platform.
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