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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook editor

>  Actually, there's no difference between the two platforms in this 
regard.  OS X also has file associations, and when using them, Eclipse 
launches but doesn't open the file when you double-click on it, just 
like Windows.  I just tried it on Leopard against Eclipse
>  I guess this speaks well of Java's portability: even the bugs 
translate perfectly. :)
I think it's no bug. Eclipse is a IDE for programmers not an editor. And 
for this purpose this is the right behavior. You open your IDE and you 
get the view (open files, etc.) which one you close it the evening 
before. It's more a desktop for the developers.
If you need an good working, cross platform XML editor I would advise 
JEdit (http://www.jedit.org/) with the XML plugin.

I set up my docbook projects as Eclipse projects with a ANT file to 
build the output files and a SVN server as version control system. You 
can put all your source files to the source folder and there I don't 
care about file endings. If it's better for Eclipse my source files are 
*.xml files.

So you have to run into trouble if you try to use an IDE as an editor.

No harm meant


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