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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Suppressing book title page in fo output?

Antti Karanta wrote:
>   BTW, what are the two other pages besides the title page?

The one with the title in a smaller font than the actual title page is 
called the verso.  The word comes from the same root that gives us 
"reverse", as it refers to the back side of the title page.  It's meant 
for double-sided printing, as happens in real paper books.  Almost any 
real book you look at will have certain material on the verso, by 
tradition, such as copyright information, edition and printing 
information, etc.  DocBook puts as much stuff on the verso as it has. 
If it only has the title, that's all it will put there.

I don't know what this other blank page you're referring to is.  You 
might need to post either a link to the generated PDF or the source that 
created it.

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