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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website build/deploy

Warren Young wrote:
>> Again, rsync is a favourite here on Linux systems. Not available
>> to me on Windows.
> It's part of the Cygwin distribution.  Not installed by default, but you 

By the way, I just realized another reason to use Cygwin: they've also 
got prepackaged DocBook stuff, including the stylesheets, xsltproc...the 

Once you install the first system and get it working, copy the Cygwin 
download directory to a shared file server somewhere at the site. 
There's two benefits here.  One is the obvious one, that you only have 
to download once.  But also, since the configuration is shared, you only 
have to update once subsequently as well, and then everyone else just 
re-runs setup.exe, which will automatically pick up the changes to their 
setup and install them.

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