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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Website build/deploy

Warren Young wrote:
> Warren Young wrote:
>>> Again, rsync is a favourite here on Linux systems. Not available
>>> to me on Windows.
>> It's part of the Cygwin distribution.  Not installed by default, but you 
> By the way, I just realized another reason to use Cygwin: they've also 
> got prepackaged DocBook stuff, including the stylesheets, xsltproc...the 
> works.
> Once you install the first system and get it working, copy the Cygwin 
> download directory to a shared file server somewhere at the site. 

That would be an excellent suggestion with a cooperative pc support team.

> There's two benefits here.  One is the obvious one, that you only have 
> to download once.  But also, since the configuration is shared, you only 
> have to update once subsequently as well, and then everyone else just 
> re-runs setup.exe, which will automatically pick up the changes to their 
> setup and install them.

Yes. Agreed.


Dave Pawson

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