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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] match with mode does not match

>>>>> "Mansour" == Mansour  <mansour77@yahoo.com> writes:

    Mansour> I am trying t use mode with programlisting to treat the
    Mansour> contents in a different way. Here's a piece of my
    Mansour> document:

    Mansour> <example> <title>webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml</title>
    Mansour> <programlisting mode="format-xml"> <xi:include
    Mansour> href="files/web.xml" /> </programlisting> </example>

    Mansour> Now in my customization layer I have:

    Mansour>    <xsl:template match="programlisting" mode="format-xml"
    Mansour> priority="9.0"> <xsl:apply-templates mode="format-xml" />
    Mansour> </xsl:template>

    Mansour> But it's not matching. I changed the value of the
    Mansour> priority. I have even commetted out the apply-templates
    Mansour> element just to see if there will be an output. It's not
    Mansour> matching at all. What am I doing wrong?

It looks like you are getting confused about mode.

The mode= attribute in your source document won't do anything for you

I think you probably want to first match on


and in that template call your <xsl:apply-templates mode="format-xml"/>

(with appropriate additional templates matching in that mode).

Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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